You can use text blocks in many ways. Some ideas are:

  • Add a title
  • Add a description
  • Add short writings, like mini blog posts, poems, or short stories
  • Create buttons

To add a text block

  • Choose a block by pressing a + (plus sign) icon on the grid
  • Type some text
  • Press Style to change:

    Font: scroll up or down to see all of the font choices.

    Size: Press the size button on the bottom left. Use the slider to choose a size.

    Alignment: Press the alignment box in the middle, on the bottom, press repeatedly to cycle through the alignment options.

    Color: Press Text and choose a color for your words. Press Background and choose a color to change the background of the text. Add a shadow to your text by pressing the toggle on.
  • Press link to make the text block link to another page or website (makes a button).
  • Press the green check mark to finish.
  • Resize the block by pressing on the corner of the block and dragging to another block corner.
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