To add a photo block

  • Choose a block by pressing a + (plus sign) icon on the grid.
  • Press the camera icon.
  • Take a new photo by pressing the camera button (use the arrows to flip the camera and take a selfie), or
  • Choose an image from your phone's camera roll. (Press Choose Photo if you don't like it and want to find a different one.)
  • Press the green check mark to add the photo to your site.

To stylize your photo:

  • Press the photo you want to edit.
  • Press Style at the top of the tray.
  • Scroll through the filters to choose some fun new looks for your photo. Press to select.
  • You can choose a shape to create a mask for your photo. You an create a variety of shapes, like circles, squares, flowers, stars, arrows, and badges. 

Turn a photo into a button:

  • Press the photo you want to edit.
  • Press Link at the top of the tray.
  • Choose to link your photo to a new page, or another website.

Pro trick: Create a Gallery

  • Follow the steps above to create multiple photos on the grid. To make them interesting, make photos different sizes. You can link each image out to your online galleries like Flickr. Or link them to a selling site like PayPal if your gallery is made up of products you are selling.

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