Whenever a customer places an order on your website, you can enable a field where they can leave a note. This optional field can contain anything such as: what to embroider on an item, delivery instructions, personalized gift messages, etc. All you have to do is enable it!

To enable the custom notes field:
1. Open the Grid editor for the page you wish to edit

2. Tap the Payment Block where your product is found

3. Once the product editor opens, you have the ability to toggle on the Order Notes option.

4. Below the toggle, you can tap on the pencil to add what information you would like to collect from your customers when they place an order on your site.

5. Once complete, make sure you save your changes and then publish your website. When a customer goes to purchase a product on your site, they will now be prompted to enter the information you're asking for. (Such as gift message, embroider text, etc)

Whenever it's time to send out your product to the customer, Universe Shipping allows you to easily create and manage shipping labels directly in the app!

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