Any payment you receive is held by our payment processor and then is cashed out to you automatically after the holding period.

To enable payouts:

  1. Go to the Audience tab in the app
  2. Tap Enable Payouts

3. You will be asked to provide some verification information and your bank account for a direct deposit.

After each holding period, we will automatically deposit any available funds.

🌟 There will be a rolling hold period for all transactions. The rolling length for Pro subscribers is 2 business days, while the rolling length is 7 business days for free users. Money earned from each transaction will become available after the time period specified for your subscription, then deposited right after.

🌟 Chime does not allow you to receive your payments from Universe. Please use a different bank.

🌟 Some bank accounts have both a routing number and a wire transfer number. Make sure you use the routing number and not the wire transfer number.

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