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You can connect your existing domain you bought somewhere else to your Universe site by editing the DNS records with your current registrar (the place where you bought your domain). To begin setting up your external domain, you first need to make the app aware of these changes. Check out the article attached below for instructions on how to do so.

This process is a little technical, but the guide below should help you out. If you need help for your registrar specifically, open the Universe app and click on the "Smiley" icon in the top left. Tap "get help" and then "External Domain Instructions". We can further assist you in support if needed.

To setup your DNS records for the external domain:

  • Go to your domain registrar's website and find the section where you can edit DNS records
  • Create a CNAME record for www pointing to onuniverse.com
  • Create another CNAME Record for your root domain (without www) pointing to onuniverse.com. Different registrars require different entries for root domains: some use a period (.) or an @. Others have a dropdown or just accept it blank. Please note: If your domain registrar won't allow a CNAME Record for your root domain, try only creating one for www. If your registrar is giving you errors with this step, please proceed to the next step. Since each domain registrar is set up differently, we try to account for all possibilities.
  • If you are unable to set up a CNAME for your root domain, look up your registrars FORWARDING or REDIRECT option to forward your root domain to https://www.yourdomain.com. It may take 24-48 hours for your domain to forward to your Universe site.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or through the app!

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