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The Code Block will allow you to embed of a variety of iFrame tools onto your site! There are many great websites and tools that allow you to take your Universe site to the next level by embracing the ability of the Code Block.

powr.io offers a wide variety of amazing tools for your site!

To embed a powr.io tool:

  • Navigate to their website and create an account
  • Select the widget which you would like to embed
  • Fill out all of the required details to get it up and running
  • Copy the embed code they provide to you
  • You will now need to send the code from your computer to your iPhone or iPad. If you're using a Mac, as long as you are signed into the same Apple ID, you will automatically be able to paste the text on your iPhone. If you're using a Windows computer, it is best to email yourself the code that you can access on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Open the Grid Editor for the page in which you wish to add the TypeForm
  • Tap on a '+'
  • Add the Code Block which is located at the end of the block selection pane
  • Resize the Code Block as needed
  • Paste the code that you've copied into the "Code" section of the Code Block
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