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The Code Block allows you to take your no-code Universe site to the next level by allowing embeddable objects. With the Code Block, you can browse our collection of already made examples that you can customize even further, or add your own code to your site. We do not allow users to edit the overall HTML of the site, so the embeddable object must work inside of an iFrame.

To add the Code Block to your site:

  • Open the Grid Editor for the page in which you wish to add the Code Block
  • Tap the '+' to add a new block to your site
  • Click on the "Code" block located at the end

  • You can directly paste code in the Code Block settings (the code does not and can not change the overall code of the site. Therefore, you can not add code the requires it to be placed before the <body> tags. The code must work inside of iFrame.)

  • If you need some inspiration for what to place in the code block, you can click on the "Gallery" tab of the block settings and browse the code we have featured for you.

⭐️ Sometimes the embed won't directly display on the Grid. It should still appear on the web.

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