The Giphy Block allows you to add a gif to your site directly from Giphy! Gifs are super fun and allow you to take your site to the next level and make it stand out from others.

To add the Giphy Block to your site:

  • Open the Grid Editor for the page in which you wish to add the Giphy Block
  • Tap the '+' to add a new block to your site
  • Click on the "Giphy" block located near the end

  • You can tap and scroll through the featured gifs when you open the Block settings, or you can search for something different
  • After you've found the perfect gif, you can head over to the "Style" tab to customize the shape!
  • If you navigate to the "Action" tab of the Giphy Block settings, you can choose what happens when someone clicks on the gif! This can be something like linking to a site, sending an email, or even calling a phone number!
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