The Vimeo Block allows you to directly embed content from Vimeo right on your site! It's as easy as searching for a video, or even pasting the link!

To add a YouTube video to your site:

  • Open the Grid Editor for the page in which you wish to add the Vimeo Block
  • Tap the '+' to add a new block to your site
  • Click on the "Vimeo" block located near the end

  • To add a Vimeo video to the block, simply search for it. You can search by video title or creator name
  • Once you've found the right video, publish your changes!

⭐️ Pro Tips:

  • You can directly paste a Vimeo video URL into the search field of the Vimeo Block to link an exact video
  • If you're having trouble finding a specific video in the search results, try adding the creator name after the video title (or just paste the video link)
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