The SoundCloud block enables you to directly embed music straight from SoundCloud on your site! All you have to do is search for the track, or paste the direct link.

To add a YouTube video to your site:

  • Open the Grid Editor for the page in which you wish to add the SoundCloud Block
  • Tap the '+' to add a new block to your site
  • Click on the "SoundCloud" block located near the end

  • To add a SoundCloud song to the block, simply search for it. You can search by track title or artist name
  • Once you've found the right sound, publish your changes!

⭐️ Pro Tips:

  • You can directly paste a SoundCloud song URL into the search field of the SoundCloud Block to link an exact song
  • If you're having trouble finding a specific song in the search results, try adding the artist name after the song title (or just paste the SoundCloud link)
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