👉 Pro Subscribers Only

After you've begun getting subscribers on your site, you will want to manage the communications between you and your subscribers. You'll have the ability to send custom emails to all of your subscribers, as well as a specific one. You can also choose if you want subscribers to get an email notification when you make updates to your site.

To view your subscribers:

  • Navigate to the "Audience" tab on the bottom of the Dashboard, and click "Email Subscribers"
  • On this screen, you'll see a list of your subscribers

Send a custom email:

To send a custom email to all of your subscribers, click on the "Send a custom email" button located above the subscriber list.

If you choose to send an email to an individual subscriber, simply tap on their email in the subscriber list.

Send an email for new pages and updates:

You also have the ability to automatically send an email to your subscribers every time you add a new page, or edit an existing one.

To enable this:

  • Navigate to the "Email Subscribers" as mentioned above
  • Below your subscriber count, there is a box labeled "Send email updates:"
  • Turn these toggles on and off as you wish

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