When using the Product Block and variations, you can also keep track of your inventory so you know how much of each product you have. Keeping track of inventory has never been easier!

How to setup inventory when creating a product:

  • Open the grid editor for the page in which you wish to add the Payment Block
  • Tap the '+' on the Grid and add the Payment Block
  • Resize to fulfill your needs
  • Begin setting up the product by choosing a name and price
  • After you've filled out that information, you can add product variations. You have the ability to manage the inventory for each product variation. You can learn how to add these by tapping the button below.
  • You don't have to have variations for products to keep track of the inventory.
  • To add inventory, uncheck the "Unlimited" option and enter how much of the product you have in stock. If you do not need to manage inventory, you can leave the "Unlimited" option turned on.
  • Be sure to publish the product and page after you're done editing the site!

How to add inventory to an existing product:

  • Locate the product you wish to add inventory to on the Grid editor and tap it
  • Click on "Edit Product"
  • Once you are on the "Edit Product" screen, you can begin to add inventory to your product variations!
  • Be sure to save your edited product and publish the changes!
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