During product creation or editing with the Payment Block, you now have the ability to add product variations! You can choose from our predefined options, or even make your own!

To add a variation during product creation:

  • Open the grid editor for the page in which you wish to add the Payment Block
  • Begin setting up the product by choosing a name and price
  • After these details are entered, you can begin to add product variations by clicking "Add Variations"
  • You will be able to choose one of our predefined options such as size, color, and length. If you would like to use something different, tap "Other" and select a variation name.
  • Once you have the type of variation set, it is time to begin adding the options. Tap on your newly created variation and the options will appear. You can add a new variation by clicking "New TYPE" (TYPE represents the variation title that you have chosen.
  • Be sure to save your new variations!

To edit an existing product and add variations:

  • Locate the product you wish to add variations to on the Grid editor and tap it
  • Click on "Edit Product"
  • Once you are on the "Edit Product" screen, you can begin to add different variations such as color, size, length, or something different
  • Be sure to save your edited product and publish the changes!
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