The Gallery Block allows you to add up to 10 photos in a single space! You have the ability to choose where you get the photos from, as well as how you want them to display.

To begin using the Gallery Block:

  • Open the page for which you wish to add the Gallery Block
  • Tap on the '+' to add a new block to the grid editor
  • Tap on the Gallery Block

  • Choose where you would like to get your photos from. You can either get them from your Camera Roll, or a public Instagram account. (If you choose to do Instagram, it will grab the 9 most recent photos in your feed.)
  • Now you have photos in your Gallery Block!

Changing the layout of the photos:

There are 6 different options for how photos can be setup using the Gallery Block. Some of them scroll, while others have them displayed in a grid.

  • Head over to the "Layout" tab of the Gallery Block settings and pick one that works the best for you!
  • Publish your changes whenever you're done!
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