The text block is free for all users to use on their site!

To begin adding text on your site, draw out the desired area on the grid, then add the Text Block. If you need help adding blocks to your site, check out the "Welcome to Universe" article.

Adding/Editing Text

When you add the Text Block, make sure you're on the "Text" tab and you'll have the ability to add or edit the text located inside of that block.

From the "Text" tab, you can make the text bold, italic, have an underline or strikethrough, as well as a link attached to particular words or phrases. To do this type of styling, highlight a word or phrase, and then use the toolset located above your keyboard.


The Text Block also allows you to take the styling even further then underlines and bold text! Head over to the "Style" tab on the Text Block and you'll notice the ability to change the font, text size, position, and color.

To change the font: Scroll through the font wheel until you find one that you like!

To edit the text size: Tap on the text size located in the bottom left of the "Style" page for the text. You can either use the slider to choose a size, or directly tap on the number to input your own.

Change the text position: You can change where the text is aligned inside of the Text Block by tapping the bottom middle button on the Text Block "Style" page.

Change the text and/or background color: Tap on the color wheel located in the bottom right. You'll have the ability to edit not only the text color, but the background color and shape!

Adding an Action

There are two ways that you can add an action to your site! You can highlight specific text like we talked about above, or use the "Action" tab. Rather than having an individual word or phrase link somewhere, the Action tab provides a variety of options and places to link to.

These include:

  • Another page
  • Another website
  • An email
  • A phone number

All you have to do is tap on one of the possible actions to easily set it up!

With the text block, there are so many options and possibilities on what you can create!

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