Welcome to Universe, the first ever website builder designed for your phone! Universe is composed of three main elements or sections that have so much to offer. From building your site to attracting viewers, learn all about it here.

The Grid

The Grid is used to layout your site, then get it published on the internet. You have the ability to add rows to the grid and even change the dimensions which allows for more content on your site. To begin adding things such as text or images, simply place your finger in a square and then drag. You can make a block as small or large as you want.

After you've setup an area for your content, you're ready to begin adding blocks to your site.


Blocks enable you to add content to your site and customize it even further. After you setup an area to lay it out, you're ready to begin adding blocks.

We currently offer 19 different blocks that you can use on your site. These include:

Text, Photo, Video*, Button*, Payment, Gallery*, Link*, Loop*, Contact*, Shopify*, Subscribe*, Map*, YouTube*, SoundCloud*, Vimeo*, Giphy*, Cash*, Shape*, and Code*.

To add a block to your site, make sure you have an area drawn out then tap your desired block which is located on the bottom of the grid.

After you've selected a block, you will have access to the block editor and settings where you can customize actions, colors, and more!


When you're not in the grid, you are on the site dashboard. From the dashboard, you have control of your site's pages, analytics, metadata, and more!

On the "Home" tab of the dashboard, you can watch short guides on how to further improve your site.

With a simple tap of a button, you can create pages, move around existing ones, edit metadata and more!

*Blocks marked with an asterisk require a Universe Pro subscription

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