Each of your sites now has a dashboard of its own! Now you can easily see your different tab pages and manage your sites' needs in one place! We'll walk through each part of the dashboard:

  1. Pages: This is where your website pages live! If you ever wonder what your domain is, you will find it at the top of your dashboard.

    Now you can easily see and access your Home and tab pages. The first page of each tab will display on your dashboard. To start editing a page, tap on it!
  2. Audience: In this section you'll find your analytics about your site! You have access to your views, the number of subscribers on your mailing list, and followers!
  3. Pro: Need that .com domain? Want to collect donations from your patrons? Check out Pro to take your website to the next level!
  4. Settings: In Settings, you will have more information about your site! In Site Info, you'll be able to edit your website title, description site icon/favicon! You will also be able to view and/or edit your domain, set up your email forwarding, easily find help, and delete your site. (Please note that deleting your site does not automatically cancel your subscription, and to do, please contact Support through the app or at [email protected]).
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