Here are tips for choosing a good domain name. You can upgrade your domain by pressing Upgrade Domain on your site's dashboard.

  • Keep it short - use 10 characters or less if possible
  • Easy to remember - will your customers be able to spell it? Can they remember it?
  • Can you say it? - If your website was on a radio ad, could the DJ read it?
  • Avoid special characters - try not to add a lot of dashes and underscores. If your company name is not available, think of another way to make it recognizable, or choose a specialty domain. Don't just add numbers and dashes.
  • Has a keyword - what you do should be in the name, like dancer, fashion, painter, plumber, mechanic, etc. This will help bump you up in Google search. So instead of, try
  • Make sure the words work together - when you take out the spaces, make sure you are not spelling misleading or inappropriate words in your language or others. 
  • Don't use trademarked names - be sure you are not using other companies names or misleading customers to think they are going to someone else's site. You could find yourself in trouble.
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