Your Universe site is made up of "blocks" on a grid. There are 3 squares across and 6 down to get you started. To start adding new things to your site:

  1. Press any + icon to edit that square.
  2. A "tray" will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Here you can choose what you want to add to the block. You can add:
    - images
    - video
    - text
    - links
    - social media
    - contact information
    - shapes
    - maps
    - code
  3. Each block type you choose will open a new tray. They each have their own options for things like style (colors, fonts, and more), links, etc. 
  4. When you like what you see press the green check icon. Or you can delete a block by pressing the red trash can.

You can scroll down in the editor to add or remove rows of blocks, add background images or colors, and change or hide the Universe sticker.

Now let's learn more about making blocks! Press the button...

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