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To share a file, you will need to know:

  • How to add a text block.
  • How to link a block to a website.
  • How to find the URL for your file on Dropbox, or the service you are using.

We don't yet support file uploads in the app, but there are lots of services on the web that do, like Dropbox, Google Drive or tinyurl.com. You can create a link using a block that will take people to the file. 

Here is how to share your file using a service like Dropbox. You just need a URL for your file.

  1. Create a text block. 
  2. Type in the name of the file, or the name you want to show in the block.
  3. Tap Link.
  4. Tap Open to Website.
  5. Paste the share link from Dropbox or the service you are using into the box.
  6. Tap the check box
  7. Publish to save
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